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Impact of COVID-19 on Health Economics and Technology of Diabetes Care: Use cases of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Transform Healthcare During a Global Pandemic


Key Takeaway:  Diabetes care is a superb example of the confluence of the pandemic and heightened importance of technology in changing care delivery and maximizing outcomes despite macro challenges. One technology that has shown to be helpful during the pandemic is Real-Time CGM (rtCGM).

This review highlights:

1) evidence suggesting rtCGM helps individuals in the community manage their diabetes during lockdown;

2) how rtCGM is being used for telehealth to help clinics remotely manage their patients;

3) how rtCGM is being used in hospitals to monitor patient glucose levels and limit health care provider exposure to COVID-19.

The use of rtCGM may also have a protective effect on patients with diabetes to help mitigate the severity of COVID-19 by helping to optimize glycemic control. One critical and lasting consequence of the pandemic will be the accelerated adoption of digital technology in healthcare delivery.

Managing New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

Source: Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

Key Takeaway: The present case reports illustrate how telemedicine can be used safely and effectively for new-onset T1D training and education for both pediatric and adult patients and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has acutely stimulated the expansion of the use of telemedicine and digital medicine. We conclude that telemedicine is an effective approach for the management of patients with new-onset T1D.


The Silver Lining to COVID-19: Avoiding Diabetic Ketoacidosis Admissions with Telehealth

Source: Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

Key Takeaway: Acute diabetes complication like DKA increases morbidity and mortality in addition to adding cost to the health care system. The current pandemic of COVID-19 has allowed newer ways (with the help of newer technologies) to manage high-risk patients with T1D and DKA through telehealth and may result in lasting benefits to people with T1D.


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