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American Pharmacists Association Roundtable Examines the Potential of CGM Access in the Community Pharmacy Setting

January 18, 2023
Coverage and Benefit Design
Article / Publication

A roundtable convened by the American Pharmacists Association reviewed the substantial body of evidence demonstrating that CGM is associated with improved glycemic control for patients with both T1D and T2D. Leading experts participating in the roundtable noted that CGM remains underutilized and that disparities in care are evident. One specific barrier to expanded utilization called out by the participants was the lack of an adequate number of providers who offer the service. Developing community pharmacy-based CGM services has been proposed as a logical solution for expanding patient access. Supporting this approach are the abundant data showing that pharmacist involvement in patient care for diabetes improves outcomes and reduces overall costs of care. Managed care and payer professionals will find this in-depth review and discussion valuable for developing their own policies for CGM coverage and access in the pharmacy setting.

American Pharmacists Association Foundation. “Expanding Access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology in Community Pharmacies.” Practices Insights. May 2022.

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