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Expert Panel Highlights the Role of RT-CGM and Pharmacy Professionals in Optimizing Diabetes Management

January 18, 2023
Coverage and Benefit Design
Article / Publication

An expert panel composed of pharmacists and a payer professional discussed the value of RT-CGM and the role pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have in optimizing diabetes management. By making RT-CGM available to and allowing pharmacy professionals to work alongside patients, health care stakeholders can leverage the information offered by this technology to optimize diabetes management and mitigate disease impact. The panelists noted that coverage of RT-CGM through the pharmacy benefit facilitates access by allowing patients to fill their prescription directly at community pharmacies. The panelists’ insights are of use to managed care and payer professionals in determining optimal coverage policies for RT-CGM to improve outcomes among members with diabetes.

“Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Implications for Pharmacists.” CGM Live Virtual Crossfire Series Recap. Part 1. Pharmacy Times Continuing Education. May 2021.

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