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June 20, 2023
Clinical Outcomes
Article / Publication

Prescribing of CGM in clinical practice and payer coverage criteria have expanded considering the wealth of evidence and expert recommendations supporting more widespread use. As the body of evidence continues to grow, a new supplement in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics offers insights from leading clinicians on the latest findings and practical application of CGM. The supplement highlights real-world evidence and the unique role of CGM in the management of hypoglycemia and enhancing behavior modification among users of the technology. Special consideration is given to the economic impact of CGM and access issues that may be of particular interest to payer and managed care decision makers.   

The articles included:

Past, Present, and Future of Continuous Glucose Monitors Satish K. Garg

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Impact and Implications of Real-World Evidence: Past, Present and Future James R. Gavin III and Clifford J. Bailey

What Role Might There Be for Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Assessment of Diabetes Risk? Eden Miller, William H. Polonsky and Kevin Miller

Practical Application of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Clinical Practice: Case Studies Jeff Unger and Denise R. Franco

Advancements in Diabetes Technology Are Outpacing the Evidence Michael Rickson, Eugene E. Wright Jr., Anila Bindal and Laith Ghonim

One Size Fits All Versus Individualized Medicine in Type 1 Diabetes Management L. Kurt Midyett

Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring a Tool, an Intervention, or Both? Eugene E. Wright Jr. and Savitha Subramanian

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Use in Older Adults for Optimal Diabetes Management Medha N. Munshi

Personalized Glycated Hemoglobin in Diabetes Management: Closing the Gap with Glucose Management Indicator Timothy C. Dunn, Yongjin Xu, Richard M. Bergenstal, Watru Ogawa and Ramzi A. Ajjan

Prevalence, Cost, and Burden of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Naunihal Virdi, Yeesha Poon, Richard Abaniel and Richard M. Bergenstal