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New G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Demonstrates Similar Accuracy and Superior Ease-of-Use Compared with Previous Versions

December 9, 2022
Clinical Outcomes
Article / Publication / CGM Innovations

In an analysis of available data, accuracy metrics from preapproval trials of the G5, G6, and G7 real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RT-CGM) systems were compared after propensity score adjustments were applied to balance baseline demographic characteristics. Metrics included mean absolute relative differences (MARD) between CGM and YSI values (from the YSI, Inc., 2300 Stat Plus system) and the proportion of CGM values within 20% or 20 mg/dL of the YSI values (“%20/20”). Ease-of-use was also evaluated by formal task analysis in the study. Accuracy performance of the G7 sensors, whether placed on the arm or abdomen, was similar to that of abdomen-placed G5 and G6 sensors, and egregious errors were rare with all three systems. Based on the formal task analysis, the authors concluded that simplification of the sensor insertion process should result in G7 being even easier to learn and several software improvements may contribute to better glycemic outcomes. Payer professionals may well find confidence in the comparative usability data for the latest RT-CGM system versus previous versions of the technology when considering updates to coverage policies.

Welsh JB, Psavko S, Zhang X, Gao P, Balo AK. Comparisons of Fifth-, Sixth-, and Seventh-Generation Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2022:19322968221099879.

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