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Reviewing the Evidence Supporting rtCGM: Opportunities for Patient Engagement and Quality Improvement in Managed Care Pharmacy

May 4, 2023
Clinical Outcomes

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) represents a key intervention for advancing the management of diabetes and enhancing the patient experience. Importantly, pharmacy professionals remain instrumental in CGM access and related patient education efforts. Although diabetes technology has seen increased uptake over the past several years, recent innovation in real-time CGM (rtCGM) highlights an opportunity for increased patient engagement and quality improvement in managed care. During this AMCP Northwest Affiliate CE dinner meeting held on April 13, 2023, experts Nicole Ehrhardt, MD and Carly Rodriguez, PharmD, FAMCP, reviewed evidenced-based recommendations supporting the use of rtCGM in a broader population of insulin-treated patients. A panel discussion featuring regional managed care leaders explored the value of rtCGM in optimizing outcomes and reducing resource utilization among members with diabetes.