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Smart Insulin Delivery System Integrates rtCGM to Advance Diabetes Management

November 11, 2022
CGM Technology and Digital Health
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Lilly’s new Tempo personalized diabetes management platform features a reusable medical device that attaches to prefilled, disposable insulin pens and sends dose-related data to a compatible app. Patients attach the Tempo Smart Button to the Tempo Pen to send insulin-dose information to TempoSmart. Capturing the data facilitates medication reminders, personalized education resources, and feedback on blood glucose levels, realized through integration with compatible technologies, including real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RT-CGM) via the Dexcom G6. Labeled a “diabetes ecosystem” solution, the fully integrated combination of devices, drugs, and technology offers an opportunity to adapt to each patient’s unique needs in diabetes management while providing value to both physician and payer stakeholders at the same time.

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